The Best Resources In iOS Development August 3rd 2010 (For Week 07/24-07/30)

Welcome to another weekly summary.  I’m a bit late with this one as I was finishing up the Beginners iPhone Action Game Tutorial.  If you are looking for an extensive tutorial on creating an iPhone or iPad game I highly suggest you check it out.

Things have gotten a little bit slower with the number of quality resources for iOS developers appearing each week.  I’m guessing it has something to do with the weather.

That being said here are some good ones:

Blocks – An Interesting Objective-C Addition In iOS 4
A good tutorial on how to use C closures that have been added to the iOS sdk.

Great Beginner iPhone And iPad Dev Screencasts
Some good absolute beginner screencasts.  If you are totally new to programming and having trouble you will want to check these out.

Easy Open Source iPhone And iPad Library For Communicating With Web Services
A new library that makes it easier to obtain and parse data from web services.

Easy iPhone Simulator Screenshots With Status Bar Removed
An automatic image cropper to simplify iPhone app image taking.

How To Push Out Notifications Locally Based On Time
A tutorial on the new local timer based push notifications recently added to the iOS sdk.

That’s it, if you find something you like please share it!

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