That Flash on the iPhone

I am not quite sure how often Flash has been discussed on the iPhone and how often we have seen prototypes running on it. Given the development of HTML5 as well as the memory and battery issues that come with Flash, Flash is turning out to be a nice-to-have feature and not so much a must have. But if you really must run Flash on an iPhone, now you can, thanks to Frash that runs on jailbroken iPhones. We haven’t tested it yet, but we thought you would like to know. If you run it, keep in mind that Comex says that Frash is not what you would describe as stable.

Of course, there is now an interesting legal situation that legalizes jailbreaking, even if such a move still voids the warranty of the iPhone. We doubt that Flash will become a major deal on the iPhoen, but it is worth watching whether this story develops.

Apple is unlikely to change its opinion and if you forget Mark Papermaster’s departure from the company, it is rather quiet about the phone lately. Despite the success of Android, Apple appears to be still selling every iPhone it can make and the Apple Store still says that there is a delay between your order and actual delivery. Sterne Agee analyst Vijay Rakesh this morning told investors that Apple is likely to address this situation, especially since the iPhone 4 is making its way to a total of 88 countries by the end of September. Q3 orders have been increased to more than 10 million, according to Rakesh, which would translate into a 20% production increase over Q2.

We should see data and app use still increase over the next months. For those of you who are keeping track of the numbers, Google recently said that Android is selling some 6 million phones every month now.

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