Apple releases guide to help you write your first App.

Have you always wanted to write your own App? If you’d like to see if developing is something for you then Apple has posted a new walkthrough called “Start Developing iOS Apps Today.”

The goal is that you will be able to create an app from scratch and have it ready to debut in the App Store. Even though there are better tutorials out there, Apple still does a pretty good job. Here’s the official rundown:

Creating iOS apps is fun and rewarding, and if you’re a new developer you might be wondering where to begin. This road map provides the perfect starting point for iOS app development. On your Mac computer, you can create iOS apps that run on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Follow this road map to learn where to get the tools you need, understand the major concepts and best practices, and see where to find more information.

As you proceed through the road map, you will use Xcode and the iOS SDK, Apple’s tools for app development. You will learn the basics of programming with Objective-C, the language that powers all iOS apps and frameworks, and will explore the Cocoa Touch frameworks. You will create a simple iOS app and learn how to test it on a device. Finally, you will learn how to submit an app to the App Store.

Whats great is that Anyone can access Apple’s new guide from this link.

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