Best Resources In iOS Development – February 20th, 2012

Welcome to the site, and to an edition of the best resources in iOS development featuring resources listed on this site in the last two weeks in order of their popularity.

This week’s resources feature open source libraries for creating gesture responsive tableview cells, easily playing Youtube videos within your apps without a UIWebView, and 2D game development in Unity 3D without having to buy extra tools.

Here are the resources:

Open Source: Library For Gesture Based Tableview Interaction Like The Clear App – The tableviews in the clear app are fantastic intuitively responding to many different gestures – this project aims to add similar gestures to a drop in tableview class.

Open Source: Library For Easily Playing A Youtube Video In An MPMoviePlayer – A library that automatically extracts and download Youtube videos so they can be played within an MPMoviePlayer.

Tutorial: Developing 2D Games In Unity 3D – Without Paying Extra For Tools – A set of tutorials on developing 2D games in Unity 3D without using any tools that have an up front cost.

Tutorial: Integrating Cocos2D 2.0 With iOS 5 Storyboards – A guide on how to take advantage of the new view setup in Cocos2D 2.0 using Cocos2D views within storyboards.

Open Source: Library For Easier iOS Custom Image And Video Filters Using OpenGL ES 2.0 Shaders – A library for easier creation of image and video filters providing all the boiler plate code, and excellent examples.

Open Source: Non-Annoying UIAlertView Replacement Styled After TweetBot’s Alert Panels – An alternative to the UIAlertView component providing stylizable alert panels.

Open Source: Category For Easy Embedding Of PDF Images In iOS Apps For Scalable Images – Automatically embed PDF vector images in iOS apps so you can have images fitting many different screen sizes while maintaining quality.

Tutorial: Creating A One Figure Rotation Gesture Recognizer For A Rotary Knob Control On iOS – A guide on advanced gesture recognition creation specifically covering creation of a rotary knob gesture.

Open Source: Library For Automatic Serialization/Deserialization To And From JSON Dictionaries – A very useful looking library making it very easy to save/load data using JSON dictionaries.

Tutorial: Quickly Building An Action Game With Physics Using TexturePacker and Physics Editor – A tutorial on building a game quickly using the TexturePacker and Physics Editor tools.

Open Source: iOS Address Book Wrapper Library Providing Automatic Hashing And Permission Alerts –  Easily hash data from the iOS address book API, and automatically show user alerts when the address is book is being accessed.

Tutorial: Creating A 2D Game Using iOS 5′s GLKit – A guide on using GLKit API to create a simple game from the ground up.

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