iPhone Coding Recipe – Shortening URLs

iPhone Coding Recipe – Shortening URLs

I had some a to shorten URLs for an in-application Twitter client I’m working on and thought I would share my simple solution with you guys.

It’s actually pretty straight forward and can be done in 1 line of code.  I have broken it up into several for clarity.

NSString *url    = @"http://brandontreb.com";
NSString *apiEndpoint = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"http://api.tr.im/v1/trim_simple?url=%@",url];
NSString *shortURL = [NSString stringWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL URLWithString:apiEndpoint]
NSLog(@"Long: %@ - Short: %@",url,shortURL);
// Outputs Long: http://brandontreb.com - Short: http://tr.im/MRDd

Pretty easy huh?

The magic here is in a method that Apple gave us as part of NSString. This method is called stringWithContentsOfURL. It will easily allow you to grab the text of any remote source.

I have used Tr.im as an example here because their service is very easy to use and has little overhead.  I would have used bit.ly but they return a JSON string which would then have to be parsed.  Tr.im’s trim_simple service simply outputs the string of the shortened URL.

Sure Twitter may shorten links for you automatically, but what if you want to use a custom service? Or,…wait for it… use it for something other than Twitter (please post in the comments if you do. I would love to hear some other uses :) )

Questions? Comments? Complaints?

Happy iCoding

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