Open Source: Cross Platform iOS/Android 2D Game Framework Using The Squirrel Language

Not too long ago I mentioned the open source Moai SDK 2D game development kit that uses the Lua scripting language.

I’ve been watching another framework for some time that uses the Squirrel scripting language, and it was a bit rough around the edges.  Today however, an update was just released, and in my testing appears to work extremely well on iOS devices (can’t say I tested it on Android yet).

The Squirrel language looks very interesting – similar looking syntax to Lua, but fully object oriented so it may be easier to swallow if you are used to object oriented programming languages.

The framework boasts quite a large feature support supporting Box2D physics, tilemap support, sprite animations, animation tweening the ability to run on both iOS and Android, and more.

The framework is known as emo and here’s a video demonstrating some of emo’s functionality:

You can find the emo framework homepage with full documentation here.

You can download emo from Google code here:

You can find more information about the Squirrel language here.

With these great new open source frameworks the number of excuses for not writing a game on iOS are definitely running out.

Will be added to the Open Source iOS game engines list along with the Moai SDK as soon as possible.

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