Tutorial: Creating An Evernote Style Button Activated Keyboard

The Evernote app is an excellent note taking app for iOS devices (and the Mac platform).  It is also very easy to use and well designed.  One of the features within the Evernote app is a keyboard button which allows you to hide and show the keyboard when pressed.

I’ve found a tutorial demonstrating how to duplicate the Evernote style keyboard.  What I find interesting about this tutorial is that not only does it show how to create the sliding door image stretch effect, and perform button animations, but that it mentions a Ruby script that allows you to easily grab images from an app.

Of course you not want to do this within an app you are submitting to the app store, but if you want to learn how to implement some cool feature not having to create your own placeholder images is a big time saver.

You can find the tutorial here:
Creating a Keyboard Show Hide Button

The script mentioned in the article can be found on Github in this nice collection of open source goodie sfrom iDevrecipes.com in the utilities folder:

A pretty nice effect, and a very handy script.

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