Open Source: Lightweight Asynchronous Networking Library For Easy Communication With Web Services

There are many networking libraries available.  Some are extremely complicated with a vast number of features.  This library is somewhat different and is extremely lightweight.

What I really like about this library is how efficient it is to code.  By taking full advantage of Objective-C blocks introduced in iOS 4 you can create fairly complex networking interactions with very little code, and perform multiple requests asynchronously with ease.  With the library you can easily download and parse json code, download images, communicate with REST services, and more.

The library is AFNetworking  from Scott Raymond and Matt Thompson, and included with the library is an excellent sample project demonstrating usage of the library by gathering nearby spots from the Gowalla social network.

You can find the Github project here:

Looks like a great library if you want to communicate with web services, but don’t need to do anything overly complex.

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