2.8 million downloads for Gun Bros, 7.3 million for Zombie Farm

I am anxiously awaiting some stats on this past week’s releases in the App Store — over the past two weeks, we’ve seen some gigantic games released for iOS, and yet familiar names like Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja are still topping the charts (along with some big EA titles benefiting from that price drop). But even if it takes a while for all of those releases to find their place on the App Store, here’s news of a few more recent titles that have done well. First up, freemium shooter Gun Bros (featured as our Daily App choice a while back) has picked up 2.8 million downloads so far, and claims 175,000 daily active users so far. That’s not huge, but it’s a nice sizable audience for a freemium title, especially one that tends a little more towards the hardcore gamer. Glu is also supporting the app with updates, including a new planet to play on, special Christmas-themed gear, and some extra in-game currency rewards for users who update the app.

Zombie Farm is doing even better than that — the wacky cross between zombies and Farmville has earned 7.3 million downloads since launch, and is still growing at about 25% a month. Currently, the app’s reviews section is full of complaints about some bugs, but nevertheless, Playforge has claimed 2.76 billion minutes of playtime, and while it hasn’t shared actual revenue numbers, there’s no question that players have probably spent plenty of money on the game’s in-app purchases.

I would call both of those solid hits for sure. We’ll have to see what other big games rise to the top after this raucous holiday season on the App Store continues.

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