Create Your Own Comics with ComicStrip

ComicStrip – CS is an application from Sketch and Scotch that lets you either take a new photo or use a photo from your library to create a comic strip on your phone. It is a very well put together application with a clean interface, very easy to figure out and use. It’s a fun concept to be able to make a comic strip from your photos and add caption and action buttons onto the strip and save it to your library or go and publish it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts if you have them. All of those things are fun and simple to do.

On opening the application you’ll be shown a comic grid with plus symbols in the center. These are where you touch to add a photo or take a new photo. There is an arrow button on the bottom of the screen you can touch that will bring up the options menu for your strip. That’s where you want to start. The first tab is called “Change Template” this is where you select the grid that you’d like to use for your strip. You have from 1 to 5 panels per strip to choose from. Go ahead and pick your template there and then you can arrange the photos you want to work with.

Once you have those photos selected you can move onto the captions tab to pick what type of caption bubble, box, or action you’d like to include, there are a ton of choices here for you to use. You select the one you want to have and touch it, you will be given the option to drag the caption around the screen to set the location or a red X to remove it. Once set you tap in the caption to add your text message. After you’re done adding your caption and action boxes it’s time to move on to saving and publishing your strip.

When you go to the Save and Publish tab you’ll have the option to save the file and to post to Twitter and to Facebook. Those options are greyed out at first but you can click on each to go through and setup your accounts for Twitter and Facebook. You will be given an option when you post to Twitter and Facebook to add a message about your comic. Twitter will post the picture to Twitpic. Once you save and publish the picture you’re done, you’ve shared your comic genius with the world.

In all the ComicStrip-CS app is a wonderful fun way to make a mini-comic strip to share with friends and family. It’s solid and put together wonderfully. The interface works perfectly to do what you need. I can’t say anything bad about the application, if you’re looking for something small and fun like this, it’s perfect. I would give this a rating of 5/5, excellent application.

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