Carcassone app going universal, gets higher price to match

Carcassone, the iOS version of the European board game, has quickly become an App Store favorite after its release, and now iPad owners can get in on the fun. The app is going universal, so it will not only run on both devices natively, but it will also have a completely enhanced UI for the bigger machine, letting you explore all of the colorful roads and meeples in full scale.

Because the app will now work on both devices, the price is being raised, from US$4.99 to $9.99. But as I understand it, if you’ve already purchased the app, you’ll get it for the other device anyway — if you’ve already paid, you shouldn’t have to pay again. The update is supposed to be out on the App Store soon, but the price has already been raised. Still, given the feedback on this one so far, $9.99 is a great price for this version of the game, especially if you have both devices.

And now that the universal release is out, Coding Monkeys apparently says it can get to work on the planned expansions for the game, set to be released as in-app purchases. Our friends at Touch Arcade say they want Inns and Cathedrals, but I was always partial to Hunters and Gatherers. Maybe that’s more of a mod than an expansion — either way, there’s a lot of fun left to be had in this one.

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