Design Video Round #2

In the Hip-Hop edition of the Design Video Roundup, we’ll be diving deep into the world of hip-hop and design. Also, we dive into more animated typography, and Photoshop tutorials.

Pulp Fiction Typography Video

Another animated typography video, this time it’s done with one of my favorite movies Pulp Fiction. Nothing beats Sam Jackson with a Jheri Curl. I must warn, the contents of the video is a little explicit.

Music Video

This isn’t the most relevant video, but the music video has some cool animation effects with the boom box in the beginning plus the music is pretty good, and the breakdancing animals really are funny.

Design Code Rap

Now you probably think it’s another one stupid video like Ridin Nerdy, but this rap isn’t that wack. It’s pretty informative if ya listen closely.

Add Focus To Your Photo & Grab Attention

This is the video to the photoshop tutorial I wrote a while back.

Create a Leopard OS ‘X’

Statistically the most popular article on Tutorial Dog, garning over 43, 000 pageviews and 6,000+ video views.

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