Design Videos Roundup #1

You know, sometimes I just don’t like to read. Sometimes I just like to sit and watch something rather than dig myself in text. This article hopes to fulfill that video thirst in you life in the matters of design. In our first installment, we’ll take you from lectures on mootools to moving text to time lapse art creation. Hope you enjoy, and if you have a video you know is good, please leave a comment.

Science Machine

This first video is a time lapse of the creation of an illustration called “Science Machine”. The work is amazing & concept is equally amazing. The art mixes all types of science and life in all forms.

Mootools Presentation

Next up is a more technical video of someone explaining the Mootools framework and its competitors ect. Not as cool as the first video, but still worth the watch if you’ve got time.

Who’s on First? Typography

This next video is a video of a cool use of typography and video. It takes a famous skit, and makes the text come alive while the audio is playing.

Photoshop Banner

I made this video well after I published the tutorial, but nevertheless it is still worth watching.

iPod Graffiti Tutorial

This is a nice tutorial on creating your own iPod graffiti photo like the commercial with Eminem from back a way.

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