Who Is Your Mentor?

There are some things that you knew how to do from the moment you arrived on this planet.  Eating – yup, sleeping – yup, and a few other related “projects”.  But for everything else you do, you had to learn by watching or listening to someone else.  You might have done this as a child, watching your parents make funny noises until you realized it was their own language.  Or you might have learned this as a teenager, learning how to drive a car with the help of a very patient parent or a professional instructor.

Chances are, you weren’t born knowing exactly how to do your job, whether it’s your current position or your dream position – unless your dream position involves eating, sleeping, and er, other biological needs.

Martha wrote a great post about the benefits of mentoring over on FreelanceSwitch, as well as some good info on the different types of mentors that are out there.  The act of teaching someone can help reinforce your knowledge of your job, as well as provide you with a welcome boost to your ego, while the opportunity to learn from an expert in your field can pay off handsomely now and in the future.

Are you looking for someone that you can mentor, or are you looking for someone to mentor you?  Hopefully, your answer is “yes” to both.

How do you foster your mentor relationship?  Please share some of the tips and tricks on how to find and develop a positive mentor relationship.

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