4 Tips to Create Effective Call to Action Elements for your landing pages

Every Website has its own objective which could be attained only if visitors of that website complete a specific action. For e.g. – The objective of the blog would be to get more subscribers, objective of an ecommerce website would be to sell products, the objective of an organizational website would be to get more members. Each website has its own purpose which could be achieved only if the users take a specific action like subscribing to blog, buying a product on the website.

But, how can you encourage users to take action?

You need effective Call to action elements on your website which can pursue them to perform the action you want them to take. The elements on the web page like – Buttons, links which request an action from the users are known as Call to action elements.

How can you create effective call to action elements which can attract user attention easily? I will try to cover some tips in this article which will help you in creating Killer Call to action elements for your website.

Size does Matter

You might have heard lot of times that Size does not matter, but when it comes to internet marketing then Size really does matter. Your call to action element should be larger in size as compared to other elements of your website so that it can attract the visitor attention easily and quickly. Remember in web designing larger an element is, the more important it is.

Proper Positioning

The proper positioning of call to action element is very important to attract the user attention. Your call to action link should always be above the fold or at the distinguished place on your website where it is easily visible to the users so that they do not have to spend any time for searching it. Improper positioning of call to action link where it is not visible easily can drastically reduce your conversion rate. Twitter homepage is a great example of how to properly place a call to action link as their “Sign up now button” is in the top section of website and easily available.

Persuasive Surroundings

Before taking the action, users want to understand what their needs or goals could be achieved after taking the action. Questions like – How this action would make their lives easier, what could be the possible advantages and disadvantages of taking this action always keep on running in user mind. Surrounding your call to action button with persuasive surroundings would give a big push to such kind of users. For example – Skype Call to action button is surrounded by text – “Free calls, video calls and instant messaging over the internet. Plus great value calls to phones anywhere in the world” which pursue its visitors to download Skype.

Selection of Words

The text of button should able to tell users what you want them to do. Use words like “Free” “Discount” “Buy” in the text of your button as these words encourage users to take action. Below are some examples of good call to action buttons.


Gagandeep Singh: He working as marketing executive for Invesp and helps E-commerce websites in creating killer landing pages and in making their conversion rate optimization campaigns successful.

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