4 Simple Techniques for Optimizing Your Game’s Audio

In this video tutorial, I’ll show you four easy ways to reduce your game file size and increase playback performance by using optimized audio. Following these steps may reduce the overall sonic data footprint by 50% or more! Best of all, you don’t need to spend a penny on special editing software.

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In this video, we cover:

  1. Trimming long tails.
  2. Combining assets (where possible).
  3. Converting short files.
  4. Compressing long files.

The tools I recommend at around the 1:00 mark are Audacity and MediaHuman Audio Converter.

The audio files I play at around the 18:15 mark are embedded here, so you can hear how they sound before being compressed by YouTube:

block-break.wav (the original):






  • Preview image: Music by Ryan Oksenhorn
  • Preview image: Soundwave by Leinad Lehmko
  • Sound files: All sound files in this tutorial are provided for illustrative use only, and remain the property of the instructor. They may not be redistributed or used in any other projects, either free or commercial, without explicit permission from Jordan Reed.

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