Zaxwerks Challenge Winners

We’d like to say Congrats to the following individuals as winners of the AEtuts+ Zaxwerks Challenge! You can still view all the entries below.

The Winners

1st Place: Ryan Snider (aka Presto from from Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2nd Place: Birdy Ben from Paris, France
3rd Place: (Muse Pte Ltd) from Singapore
Honorable Mention: Eyad Abutaha from Long Beach, CA
Honorable Mention: Mohammed Saad Ali from Peoria, IL

The Submissions

Eyad Studio

Brett Perry

Tony Rangel

Greg Back

Mohammed Ali 1

Mohammed Ali 2

Mohammed Ali 3

Agustinus Bambang Eko Mulyono

John Orban

Yasmani Ordonez

Muse Pte Ltd 1

Muse Pte Ltd 2

Muse Pte Ltd 3

Muse Pte Ltd 4

Muse Pte Ltd 5

Muse Pte Ltd 6

Birdy Ben

Ryan Snider

Steve Chiang 1

Steve Chiang 2

Steve Chiang 3

Contest Details

To read all the details about this challenge CLICK HERE.

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