Creative Sessions: Digital Illustration Launch

This month on Creative Sessions the vast creative landscape of Digital Illustration. Most successful illustrators have some level of traditional training that they mix with digital techniques, which are indispensable in the field today. We cover a plethora of subjects on digital illustration spanning digital painting, vector illustration, 3D techniques, and more.

Learn basic theory on matte painting and how to incorporate surreal concepts into your work. Look over the shoulder of a master vector artist making realistic vector motorcycle art, and learn how to push 3D techniques and Photoshop tools to create nostalgic magazine covers that have a vintage painted feel, but utilize modern tools to speed up illustration time. We’ll cover business strategies, like building your niche and promoting your work. We’ll also be exploring how to develop your artistic style and various illustrator’s strategies on how they make their work stand out.

Participate in this Session’s Group Project

Jump over to this Session’s creative project on Illustrating Creative Passion. In this session’s project the brief is to create an illustration that communicates on a gut emotional level. Capture raw feelings as you illustrate on the theme of “Creative Passion.” Dig deep into your core as an artist and communicator to illustrate the gritty essence of artistic feeling. Show us your artistic spirit, represent it with a discernible metaphoric image, or impassioned colorful storm. You can post your projects in the comments here and get some feedback from the community.

Download this Session’s Cover Art as a Digital Wallpaper

Jump over to this session introduction to download this session’s wallpapers made by Chris Leavens .


More Creative Sessions

Creative Sessions logo.Every month we’ll be running a two week Session on a creative topic. Our second Session, beginning today, is on Digital Illustration, and future Sessions will be on varied topics like interface design, gaming design, and creative freelancing. Unlike regular Tuts+ content, Sessions content is more theoretical, opinion based and will often cross many disciplines.

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