Finalizing Your Fridays

The week is coming to a close…only a few hours left.  You’re either madly rushing to get the things done you set out to do this week, or are in the midst of planning what you’d like to accomplish next week.  (Or perhaps you’re doing both.)

Not everyone finishes up their work week on a Friday, but a lot of people do.  Well, in theory they do.  They do in that they leave what’s left from the past week and slide it over to the next.  And the next.  And so on.

How many things are left as “open loops” on your to-do list when Friday draws to a close?  How many tasks are left unassigned?  Are you leaving this week with a sense of completion and ready to go into the next week with a fresh set of goals and accomplishments to achieve?

Do you “finalize” your Fridays?

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