How to Time Your Tasks

You’ve likely heard about The Two Minute Rulewe’ve even discussed it here at WorkAwesome recently.  Keeping track of how long it takes to do tasks is important, as is keeping tabs on your time so you don’t spend too much time on anything that doesn’t require it.

How do you keep tabs on your time?  Here’s some helpful links to get you started:

Use an iPhone/Mobile App

There’s plenty to choose from and you’ll have your timer with you wherever you go.  You can even use the built-in Clock app if you feel a little miserly when it comes to buying apps…

Use an Online Timer

Sites like Tick Tock Timer keep you on task and on track while you work on your computer – which is where most of your work is likely to take place.

Use an Actual Timer

Get an egg timer.  They’re inexpensive and effective.  If you prefer style over substance, get an hourglass.  They’ll do the trick as well – but not in two minute increments.  Best use it for projects or to use when going through huge tasks.

A suggestion would be to track your overall time with an hourglass and use a two minute timer to get through the quick stuff.  When the hourglass runs out, take a break!

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