2 New Premium Tutorials: Refinery and Modernizr

This week, we have two excellent new Net Premium tutorials for our members. First, Glenn Goodrich will teach you how to work with Refinery – a Rails CMS. Next, I’ll teach you how to detect CSS3 and HTML5 support in browsers, by using the wonderful Modernizr library. Help give back to Nettuts+ by signing up for a Premium membership.

Getting Started with Refinery: A Rails CMS

Refinery is an open-source, Rails-based CMS that really attempts to use “the Rails Way” for content management. Anyone familiar with Rails will be able to pick up Refinery and be productive almost instantly. The folks over at Resolve Digital created Refinery to scratch their own itch, and then were kind enough to release it on GitHub (MIT License). Refinery has a growing set of users and developers, making it ideal if you’re just starting out with Rails-base content management systems. I’ll teach you how to get started with it!

A Video Crash-Course in Modernizr

It’s a common misconception that the JavaScript library, Modernizr, miraculously upgrades all browsers to allow for HTML5 and CSS3 support. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. However, instead, it detects support, which provides us with a lot of power! I’ll show you how to get started today!

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