Inspiration: 40 Bold, Bright and Beautiful Shape Based Illustrations

At Vectortuts+ we love colors and shapes! From round and cheerful to pointy and moody, we love them all. This post showcases 40 great illustrators from around the globe, each have mastered the art of composing shape and color perfectly to make stunning creations. Venture with us into the glorious world of color and shape, beginning with fiery yellow and red, moving on to soothing pink and purple and ending with mysterious blue and black.

Spoon Gig Poster

Mikey Butron


Josh Brill

Free Library Festival (Part 1)

Pushmepullyou Design


Paul Tebbott


Miller Goodman


Paul Ibou

Handy Housewives Drilling Lessons

Sue Doeksen

Pattern 3

Helen Dardik

Monocle Icons

Always With Honor

You and Me Are Meant To Be

Alyssa Nassner



Folk Friends

Karolin Schoor

Doom Drips Series – No3

Aesthetic Apparatus

LAB – Cowboys & Indians

Emil Kozak

Alice in Wonderland

Katie Kirk

The Palace


Sir Rhyddcelot

Esther Aarts


Adrian Johnson

Two Turtle Doves

Diana Quenomoen

Radha and Krishna

Pigeon Post (Keith-yin Sun and Judi Chan)

Unlucky Cat

Magen Mitchell

I’d Rather Be a Forest

Anton Weflo


Maria Zaikina

Nada Surf

The Little Friends of Printmaking

Christmas Print

Janine Rewell

Le Detective

Skinny Ships

Winter Maiden

Sanna Annukka

Kid Cudi Poster

Stubborn Sideburn

World Expo Shanghai, Food Packaging Dutch Pavilion



LouLou & Tummie


Max F

The Queen

Lab Partners

Soothing Honey

Andrew Bannecker

O.S.S. 117 Viert 1 April

Dick Bruna


Ben Javens


Ben Newman

Hands and Birds

Francesco Muzzi

Built to Spill Gig Poster

Dan Stiles

Night Rio

Iv Orlov

A Light That Never Goes Out

Frank Chimero

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