To Read or To Listen?

Thanks to the dawn of “The eBook Era,” reading is becoming more accessible (if not necessarily more popular – thanks still to television).  If you have an iPad or Kindle (or one of the many eReaders in the marketplace) or simply use another mobile device, ebooks are literally in the palm of your hands.  These devices allow the user to carry a catalog of books that would fill a backpack (and then some!), making it easy to carry around whatever books you’d like to have at your disposal.

But what about audiobooks?

Formerly known as “books on tape” these are still popular in that you can absorb the story while driving or commuting in some other fashion.  If you’re exercising you can have them at the ready on your MP3 player of choice.  Basically, they fill a similar gap as podcasts – only they’re a “tad” longer.

Productivity and self-development books are massively popular in both formats.  You can even buy them in (gasp!) actual printed book form should you choose to.  In terms of brushing up on these skills and systems, which do you prefer – reading or listening…or a combination of all formats?

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