Three Quick Snacks That Keep You Productive

If you’re looking for snacks that keep you going – and going in the right direction – during your day, there’s a few choices that will help you “keep your steam” throughout the day.  While there are more out there, here’s three that I keep handy that will get you started:

Quick and easy brain food.  Keep these at your desk and you’ve got a healthy – and helpful – snack in the palm of your hands.

When it comes to the movement of eating alkaline-rich foods, this one is a good starting point.  Acidic foods are said to lower energy and alkaline foods are said to create energy as it keeps us pH balanced.  While you may not be into all that, there’s no doubt that they’re healthy, bite-sized and chock-full of water.

In order to keep moving (both physically and mentally) you need ot be hydrated.  Drink plenty of it and you’ll get plenty done.

Keep these three snacking options at the ready and you’ll be on your way to a more productive day!

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