Introduction to Digital Photography: Part 2

Today we’re continuing our three-part video introduction to the fundamentals of photography. This second instalment will be taking a look at metering and exposure from the perspective of a complete beginner.

Video Outline

Here’s a quick look at what to expect in the second instalment of this series. If you’re relatively new to photography, or just want to hone your basic skills once again, it should offer a brilliant place to start.

We’ll be exploring the basic idea of exposure and metering modes, why these sometimes give the wrong information, and explaining how to correctly read and interpret a histogram.

  • Exposure Metering Modes Explained
  • Exposure Adjustment Explained
  • Exposure Compensation Explained
  • The Meter Is A Moron – How Meters Work And Why They Sometimes Give Wrong Info
  • Demo Of What Fools The Meter
  • How To Read Your Histogram And Demonstrated
  • Best Exposure A Rule Of Thumb

Watch the Video

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