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We’re very proud to say that our sister marketplace VideoHive is now the most popular After Effects marketplace in the world (by traffic, by Alexa’s rankings). The growth in the last year has been phenomenal, and it’s all been thanks to the booming After Effects Project Files category. Whether you’re looking for something for a quick job, a file to build on and customize, or just some neat effects to copy over, we have a *ton* of amazing AE contributors selling some killer files. Today we’re showcasing some of the best files from our marketplaces here on Tuts+, so without further ado, here are our selection of the best project files on offer!


A really cool atmospheric sequence that comes alive to your music. Most of the elements within the sequence are driven by whatever music you add to the project.

Shooting Logo

Intro for your logo, all you need is just insert your logo. You can use any texture, metal or a wall, or the one you want.

Urban Destruct

Set in a future world, a fully customizable, 3D rotting urban environment with steel machine displays and titles swinging on a concrete slab from mecca droids above, this is a scary world, this is Urban Destruct.

Smoke Titles

Smokey title sequence. Great for trailers, promos, or anything else that requires a smooth but suspenseful and creepy title sequence.


Prophecy is atmospheric Hi-Tech, 35 sec long, 1080 HD file. Zip contains editable PSD files witch you simply open, edit, save and reload Also contains Help file witch explains how you can instantly modify the file.

Logo Transforming

Sophisticated animation of transformation of any your logo. Simply insert your logo.

Flashy Logo Reveal

A dynamic and powerful flashy logo reveal animation. The logo holder can be easy changed to fit any company

Energy Wipes

This is a very dynamic and uplifting presentation made in After Effects CS3.

ElegantWAVE Logo

Show your logo, text message in this modern, elegant, and classy opener/closer. This project is prepared in FullHD 1920×1080 and HD1280×720, just select the resolution you need and render. ElegantWave is great opener for trailer promos, video productions, presentations, product showcases, portfolios and more.

Logo Strings & Particles Animation

Here’s a Logo opening animation built in After Effects CS3 but also CS4 compatible. This is good for any intro video or identity logo animation.


Well over a minute of classy, serene, reflected animation of your images, videos, messages and logos – with a 3D camera ‘follow and fly-by’ at the end.

Top Of The Town

“Top of The town” is Complex 3D Animation made in After Effects CS3 in HD(1280×720)


Another great animation with lots of potential uses and variable title and footage animations. Great for your website or business presentation at your office


This project features a clean and dynamic sequence perfect for showing off your professionalism. With ample opportunities for text and media Vermillion is a complete motion graphics showcase.


A dynamic and versatile typographic After Effects project.

Logo Box 1

LogoBox1 is a real world project made as a template for amateur or professional motion graphic artists. LogoBox1 is extremely easy to change and customize.

Event Horizon

“Event Horizon” is a generic promo/presentation template without a specific theme in mind. It can serve any type of presentation. It contains 12 footage placeholders, 4 main text placeholders, a logo and a website placeholder. Pictures in the preview are not included.


Sketch is my latest After Effects CS3 and CS4 compatible tool. A must have for your effects arsenal. It gives your footage a very cool, hand-drawn animation style.

Space Opener

A great project opener ready for rendering, just add your logo and text (you can easily change the color of the opener).

Light Scribble Intro

Light scribe your logo, text message in this modern, elegant, and classy opener/closer.

Concept Particle

This project does not use any pre renderer. All the elements are animated in the After Effects.

Tritone Business Template

Another useful project to present your company business. This project fits for any kind of activity field, it’s meant to be simple, elegant, dynamic.

Media Wall

This is a 3d image or movie gallery, the file is easy to customize,thanks to the easy set up of the most important controls (Light, Bg colors etc). There no prerender element, in this video display gallery and no extra plugin are used.

Orbs&Strokes Logo Opening

Orbs&StrokesLogoOpening is dynamic logo opening Animation made in After Effects CS4 in FULL HD (1920×1080)

Particle Reveal

Particle Reveal is a cool intro to show off you company logo.

Sunny Titles

This project is completely editable one. All you can see was made by standard After Effects tools. You have full freedom to adjust everything.

Follow The White Rabbit – Epic Style

Follow the White Rabbit is an intense, epic project perfect for Movie Trailers, Presentations, Portfolios, or New Websites. Fast paced and awesome.


Well over a minute of must-have animation of your images, videos, messages and logos in the style of a ‘3D’ magazine, book or album.

Grunge Template HD

Grunge Template is my latest work. It is perfect for company promos or maybe a photo album with up to 8 placeholders. No plug-ins required

Business People – Corporate Presentation

This sequence is aimed at the corporate sector or anywhere that people, offices or computers are a key factor. This could be used for a presentation or an opener for a conference or business meeting.

News Media Promo

This project is good for presentations with both text and media. You can add your own movies, images and text in a few clicks. No experience in After Effects is needed. A tutorial video is included in the package which explains how to customize this project.


Explosive Logo Animation,in a space atmosphere.Insert your logo, change the text,and you are ready to go.

HD Graphics Package

Great custom title graphics. This is a totally customizable AE CS3 file. Detailed instructions are included as a pdf. Two comps to use in this one. Everything is fully editable from animation to colors, text, length, and anything you want to change.


Another great animation with lots of potential uses and variable title and footage animations. Great for your website or business presentation at your office.


A full minute of classy 3D camera moves in a world of animated, reflected screens inside which you can show off your images, videos, messages and logos.

Photo Clicks

“Photo Clicks” is photo sequence Animation made in After Effects CS3 in Full HD(1920×1080)

Romeo & Juliet

At this time, let me present to you a project of Romeo & Juliet. It perfectly will approach for your films and presentations. Item “Romeo & Juliet” has two AE-project – Opener movies and Logo intro. Music is included!

White Corporate Showcase

Great for product demonstration and for anykind of business activity field, it’s meant to be classy,modern, and minimalist.

Focal Media Pack

6 uniquely themed and customizable animated sequences with text, abstracts and textures all set out for you.

3D Logo Reveal

3D Logo Reveal is logo opening Animation made in After Effects CS4 in FULL HD (1920×1080)

Sports Motion

A great sports action sequence made in After Effects CS3 in HD ( 1280 X 720 px ).

Hot Titles

The corrected project was made by standard AE tools without any third party plugins, and consists of SEVENS main scenes – each of ones can be easy adjusted by you for your needs.


Another great animation with lots of potential uses and variable title and footage animations. Great for your website or business presentation at your office

3D Laptop Animation Bundle

Ideal for TV Ad, commercial, presentation, promotion. Use this project to show your media, video, pictures, portfolio with impressive and realistic animation. Get realistic visualization without third party 3D software or expensive plug-ins.

Elegant Business Template

The project includes a simple but effective company title intro & ending, a catchy Company Text sequence, 6 place holders in three categories (of course more can be added in a few click), 4 Client Main reference Logo(also more can be added).

Fast and effective intro

This project is very easy to edit, all you need is to edit some psd files in photoshop. You have described simple steps in instructions in help.txt file


SoBoxy is made to present your media in simple, stylish and efficient way. Placeholders for your media are placed in 3d studio, with clean lines and soft shadows. Images are revealed with modern glassy effect which you can see how it is made.

Cinema Opening Sequence

A very cinematic epic opening title sequence in a space like environment. 100% created in After Effects. Easy to edit, modify, and render.

Paper Text HD

This is a cool and original project, made with the version CS3 of After effects, ( it works with the CS4 ) in HD resolution 1280×720, no plugin required, the sounds are not included.

Rhythm In Motion

Rhythm in motion is a full 1:10 promo with 14 image/video/text placeholders. After Effects CS4 in HD 1280 X 720 . All elements are editable within After Effects except for the pre-rendered transition. Just type your text, replace your images/videos, change logo and render.

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