Top 42 Creative Flash Site Templates

Unless you’re Steve Jobs, chances are you will find time in your day to enjoy the benefits of Flash! After all it’s a great dynamic format for showcasing creative work, and certainly one that we, at Envato, support and will continue to support for years to come! Today across Tuts+ we’re showcasing the fine work our authors are selling on our marketplaces and for your discerning tastes we’ve put together a list of forty-two of the most creative Flash site templates from ActiveDen, some of which are so good they might even tempt ol’ Steve!

MD PortfolioSite v2

This template is ideal for photographers wanting to show multiple portfolios. Complete with a php contact form and an XML -driven portfolio which you can now navigate using your arrow keys, the template is a great upgrade from the first version! Still easy to configure and with a number of code optimizations (including more robust error handling and file download management).

MD Gallery Advanced

A simple yet elegant gallery site to showcase your work in a compelling manner. MD Gallery Advanced was designed with the goal to let your work speak for itself. The thumbnails are arranged in an elegant (and customizable) grid and allow each thumbnail to display a larger version of your image for more impact. The motion is smooth and you can add as many image and video “libraries” as you wish (space permitting of course).

Ultimate Creative Template

This template is designed from the ground up to be easy to update, customize and understand. Each section has its own external xml config file so you can access over 300 options without opening Flash!

XML Portfolio Template V3

Latest version from abenson. This version has a great deal of upgrades and added features. XML Portfolio Template v3 is a full Flash website completely managed by XML files that use modules to control content.

Designer’s Portfolio

Designer’s portfolio features a unique fullscreen xml website template with great motion, a clean design and deeplinking support. This template comes with over 65 predefined settings in config.xml, total freedom in the setup of your pages and a user manual counting 40 pages.

Full XML Website V3

Full XML Website V3” is an application that enables anyone to create a flash website without much knowledge of flash programming.

Elite Xml Website

The ELITE Template allows you to define some basic settings by default like the webpage standard color, the fullscreen mode option, inclusion of background(s), among others. It also allows you to define all the links, contents and modules you wish it to have. Easy to manage, you can replace the existing logos by your owns using basic xml.

Full XML Template

This package comes with everything that you need in order to build yourself a great portfolio or site or whatever.

Creative Portfolio Template

A nice template fully animated using AS2 . All text/images/videos are editable via xml.

XML Clean White Portfolio Template

This template was designed with the idea in mind to produce something clean and simple, spiced up with powerful and vibrant images to get your idea across.

Fullscreen Flash Advanced

A Fullscreen Flash file by Richardson, features content that centres with a ease and resizable scrollbar and works in all browsers.

Slick Full Website Template with CMS and 2 Skins

A complete solution that is modular, easy to implement, modify and administrate.

Elegant Photography Template

A simple and elegant template to showcase your portfolio. Features support for images and flv files and includes source files, font and help documentation.

Multimask Portfolio Reloaded

Multimask Portfolio is a stylish horizontal portfolio that enables to present you and your works in a smart and original way. New features have been added and new 7 modules.

Multi-Photo Gallery (xml based)

This is a XML driven Multi category Photo Gallery, with a nice ease left & right scroll effect.

mySlideShowSitePro (V2)

A simple, slick & professional looking XML based slide show site.

Green Star Template

A web site template without any use of XML data. It is all done with tweening and a bit of ActionScript. Note that it is only 151kb in size. All the images and text are changed easily.

ll XML Website V2

Full XML Website V2 is an application that enables anyone to create a flash website without much knowledge of flash programming. This is one of the first products we are publishing and soon we will have more applications of this kind.

Cool Urban / Street template

It’s very easy to be modified, just change the coordinates inside AS of menu’s button. This template use that is a component (mc_tween_2_28_29.mxp) that you have to install before editing fla’s file.

Ultimate Portfolio Template with Admin and 2 Skin

With all the included modules, the two different skins, deep linking and most of all the included Advanced PHP Content Management System (admin) this is amazing value for money, don’t miss out.

Photography Suite CMS Deeplinking Template

This template is the ultimate solution for creating, editing and launching your website in Adobe Flash even if you do not know anything about the actionscript language, and you do not have a copy of the software.

Minimal Website + Image Slide

A minimal Website with a great image viewer in the main movie. This website include, the main fla, an example of section, all the prototypes files you need, an HTML page with Flash Detection and fullinstaller of flash plugin in case of need.

Wildwise Ultimate Creative Portfolio v1

The content of this portfolio is completely and easily customizable and editable via XML files

One Page Portfolio Pro XML Website Template AS3

One page portfolios are an increasingly popular way of displaying the work of creative professionals. They represent a straight to the point approach for presenting personal work, requiring little effort from the viewer, which translates into longer times spent on the site and more of your work reaching more of your visitors.

Portfolio Website [modular]

Full XML website – this is a template that supports modules.


This a retro-looking presentation with a nice “zoom-in-and-move-on” effect. I made this one for a friend of mine and he accepted the other version i made for him. Just wanted to know what you think about it. All objects are vectors making it easy for you to play around with them.

Multimedia Database Template

A nice template with SWF Address support, created in such a way to always have an overview of the portfolio. You can personalize all the data via xml.

Smooth Portfolio

A very smooth and clean animated Horizontal Portfolio with Externally loaded About us text and a PHP based Contact form.

Flash Creative Pro Template

Includes a 27 page illustrated pdf help manual, with detailed step by step instructions, and screen grabs of the timeline and code so you can quickly and efficiently get your website up and running.

Creative Studios Portfolio

It is a complete xml supported website for individuals, creative studios etc. for presenting portfolios in a nice and professional way.

XML Photo / Design Gallery 1.0

This is a fully XML driven template created to show off photography or design work. Everything from the menu system, to the title, to all the images is all completely XML driven. This website can be completely customized without even owning flash.

Colour Sliding Website

This snazzy little number is perfect for a portfolio website. It looks and performs well.


This is a FULL FLASH XML site greate for portfolio viewer, easy XML manage of showing pictures.

MD PortfolioSite

This feature-packed site template is ideal for photographers wanting to show a concise (up to 20) portfolio of their work. Complete with a php contact form and an XML -driven portfolio, the template is easy to configure and even easier to deploy!

Premium Flash Template

The Premium Flash Template is a fully configurable and easy to use web template with a lot of great features. You can create attractive functional pages just with a few mouse clicks. The Premium Flash Template supports deep linking, which means that you can link to any specific part of the website. Deep linking also lets you use the browser’s back and forward buttons.

Portfolio Website

A clean, simple design to let your artwork do the talking. All images and text are updated using xml files. No flash required!

This is an template where you can drag the content around to get a free feeling, it is easy and fast to use.
It is fully xml driven, you can change it fast and get as soon as posible your site online.

Premium Photography and Portfolio Website

The Premium Photography and Portfolio Website is a fully configurable and easy to use web template with a lot of great features. You can create a professional looking website just with a few mouse clicks. You don’t need to know Flash or ActionScript to use the Premium Photography and Portfolio Website

Vertical Portfolio (by quickyboy)

Take a look at this one! Simple, classic, clean, easy to navigate, XML driven, AS2 , in a word: a perfect Vertical Portfolio Template.

Ry-Guy Gallery

Simple gallery page with vertical thumbnail panel. Users can adjust the color of the text, background, and side panel.

Horizontal Creative Portfolio

This is a fully XML driven horizontal portfolio website, which you could readily use with little knowledge in Flash. What you need to do is change some parameters (mentioned in the help file) and you are done with your website.

Black & White Deeplinking Template

The Black & White template is a fullscreen xml Flash template with deeplinking. Deeplinking enables you to target specific sections of your website, send links via email or instant messenger, find specific content with the major search engines, Utilize browser history, reload buttons and bookmark in a browser.

3D Product Gallery

This is my product/photo viewer with 3D navigation driven by XML . You can add any number of photos/products with all parameters costumizable by xml: Thumbs, big photo, descriptions, links, price, caption, etc…

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