Top 50 Web Graphics, Admin Skins and Scripts to Accelerate Development

As the Beatles so elegantly wrote, we could all use a little help from our friends to get by. And when it comes to design and development who couldn’t use a friend to speed things up? Thanks to our sister sites ThemeForest, GraphicRiver and CodeCanyon, there are plenty of web graphics, admin skins and scripts to drop in to your work. Best of all they are all made by our massive community of authors. Today across Tuts+ we’re celebrating and showcasing the quality of marketplace goods to bring over the Tuts+ masses to browse the plethora of super work on sale. So without further ado, here they are!

1. Admin Skins

Complete Liquid Admin Control Panel

Complex Liquid Admin template contains a login page as well as a modular content page that includes all the elements you could possibly need in your admin. From these elements you should be able to generate pretty much any required page!


Advanced and easy to use administration theme which comes in 7 different colour variations. The theme is liquid, which means the width of the content area adapts to your browsers window size.


Admintasia is a complete backend administration user interface that has the flexibility to house any kind of application. It loads last, it’s intuitive and easy to use, it uses only three small images and it also looks good.

Simpla Admin

Simpla Admin is a professional template with a beautiful and user friendly interface. With various smart and intuitive jQuery functions, navigating the interface is a breeze.

Profi Admin

Profi Admin is a clean and simple style template but it’s complexity and expandability goes beyond expectations. The big visual menu creates the intuitive navigation while the tabbed and the hidden submenu expands the structure to 3 menu levels. Inspired by the WordPress Administration layout.

Cleanity Complete Admin

This professional looking and highly flourished skin is suitable for almost any kind purpose. Cleanity is a compilation of all features you might need on an administration theme.

Boxie Admin

Simple, stylish and modern template for your website’s administration

Wide Admin

Wide admin is a powerful lightweight backend interface application, ready to use for any software / CMS you want.

Quik v1 Admin Skin

Quik is a simple skin for use on little back end applications. It’s just a clean way of presenting say a CMS or some other little app to a client. The general admin template, includes a table style, error and alert styles, a sidebar, tabs, form fields and some general text styles.

Meta Admin

Advanced yet easy to use administration panel template. It includes 4 color schemes (blue, green, grey, red) and is divided in a login page and a content page that includes all the the elements you could possibly need in your admin. From these elements you can generate any required page.

2. Web Graphics

Web Ribbons & Corner Graphics

These ribbons are specially designed for the websites which are indeed of High Quality corner graphics and Featuring ribbons on the websites or products highlighting and need of some cool graphics like seal icons ribbons on featured products or some highlight banners and money back guarantee ribbons etc

Clean Web Navigation Menu

Cool, clean and contemporary Web navigation menu using Arial font. I have used Arial because it is freely available across all operating systems, but you can change the to whatever you want! Menu comes in three flavors! File includes a fully layered Photoshop PSD version and a fully editable Fireworks vector PNG file.

Shoppify Buttons

Set includes 5 buttons with icons: – Buy now (with price tag) – Download – FREE Trial – Take a Tour – Live Demo

Badges and Sale Tags for Online Shop

Attractive Online Shop Badges and Tags for your Online Shop, Make your Products/Promos Speak More

Light Arrow Buttons

This is a pack of arrow buttons for web sliders, scroll boxes, or anything that needs arrows!

Stylish Menu For CSS Sprites

This is a very Stylish menu including a fully layerd PSD file, it could be used for a CSS Sprite menu or whatever type of menu.

Great Web boxes

2 Different designs 3 different color scheme (you can create many more)

Web Pricing Tables & Premium Buttons

These boxes are specially designed for the websites which are indeed of web 2.0 styled pricing tables boxes or featuring any tables or comparision tables on the websites and need of some cool graphics like download now or register now buttons, banners and signup buttons etc.

Clean Navigation Menu

Fully-editable, fully-layered Photoshop file. You can very easily change the gradient of the menu.

Web Elements – Volume 1

A detailed, large collection of layered, grouped and named web elements that can be easily edited.

Shadows Pack for Web Boxes

Spice up your plain html container with a simple but stylish web2.0 style shadow!

Tags Stickers and Labels

This set of tags, stickers and labels features 100% photoshop paths, NO raster layer at all. ensures easy scalability and editing.

10 Styles of Login/Signup

These Login/Signup screen elements are designed in Adobe Photoshop CS4 , and to be used for your projects of web application and or website. You can modify or can change their colors according to your project theme. Each Login/Sign-up design is layered and categorized in layer groups.

We’re on a Break

Unique style of under maintenance screen, a full layered Photoshop file, very easy to edit text.

Clean Web Menus

This is a fully-editable, fully-layered Photoshop file for clean, stylish web menus.

Premium Gold and Platinum Seals

Gold and Platinum Seals for everyone, maybe used for web and for graphics too, as it’s dimension is 2267 by 1442, now that’s large baby! -Includes the item preview and 2 ready-made PNG file, that was created using the save for web feature of photoshop at 15% of actual size.

User Interface Elements – Simple White

Easily customizable web design / application / user interface elements in one consistent, clear style.

Web Photo Frames

Give the smaller photos on your site a Polaroid look with a sexy spin. This set of web photo frames gives the photos on your website a clean border with the option of a title.

Delicious Buttons

Fully editable .psd vector buttons with 2 stylish colours (green and gray).

Web 2.0 Buttons, Social icons & Product Showcase

Website and internet Web 2.0 Buttons, both normal and rollover are included(except small button – no rollover state). buttons contains texts and icons.

3. 404 Pages

AK – 404 Error Pages

These template pages can use for 404 errors on your web site. It comes by 8 different themes.

404 Idea Style

Beautiful 404 Error Page inspired by Idea Template. Site links included for better user experience.

Sleek Server Error Pages

This is a clean, web 2.0 design for website / server error pages. It is flexible and very easy to customize. It comes with 5 of the most common error pages (404, 403, 401, 500 and 503) but it’s very easy to add more if needed. All

404 Pingu

Funky Pingu 404 page. Suitable for every website. Give it a try!

Oops…404 Page Template

This is a nice, clean modern and solid template for your 404 page. It is designed to go straight to the point.

Modern Error Page Template

These template pages can be user for any HTTP errors on your website. It comes in 5 color variations (purple, blue, red, green and orange) and 5 error codes (401, 403, 404, 500 and 503).

Smart 404 Page

A Simple 404 Error Page in 6 Different Color Variations with there respective psd’s.

Fancy Jquery 404 Error Popup

This is a JQUERY script that is simple, unobtrusive, no need extra markup and is used to display 404 error in fancy popup box on the current page instead of redirecting to 404 page.

Powerful Errors – PHP/Ajax error template

This is a very useful and adaptable error template which features jQuery animation and effects as well as an Ajax Error Report form in PHP.

Creative 404 Error Page

Error pages are often overlooked by many designers. No more ugly 404/503/500 pages! Produce the wow effect.

3. Scripts

Twitter Reactions

Twitter Reactions is a quick and easy method of displaying Tweets on a website that mention that particular page. It is a simple script that can be easily integrated on any website as long as your have access to the source code.

Sexy Slider

SexySlider is a JQuery plugin that lets you easily create powerful javascript Sliders with very nice transition effects. Enhance your website by adding a unique and attractive slider.


With jSocial you can easily place social share buttons under your articles and pages on your website. This script uses the jQuery framework and works completely client side. So you can use it on static and dynamic webpages.

Sticky Nav Menu

If you’ve ever seen those neat little bars that stick to the bottom of a website – like the one at – this mimics that functionality.


With this script you can make a nice interactive slide gallery like you find on every big site these days. Because the script is highly customizable you can use this script for lots of purposes.

Put Me On The Map

Put Me On The Map is simple JavaScript component that marks a location on The Google Maps based on its street address. This is a useful component for any “Contact Us” page on your website to mark exactly where you are located.

Smart Menu

Smart Menu is simple JavaScript driven menu, which is written on top of jQuery framework.

My Video Channel

My Video Channel is a jQuery based script which makes it possible to display a list of YouTube videos from a specific user and play them in your own website.

Flickr Import

Flickr Import is an extremely lightweight, quick and robust tool to display photos from Flickr onto your website.


tweetGrab is an unobtrusive jQuery plugin and a jQuery-ed WordPress plugin that simplifies and enhances the process of embedding and referencing individual Tweets, @user feeds, #hashtag feeds, $ticker feeds, and general search results.

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