52 Twitter People You Should Be Following

If you arent’t on Twitter yet… well today would be a great day to start because I have 52 people that you should be following if you have an account! Now these people are in no specific order (except number one… cough cough), and all, in my opinion have awesome reasons why they are a great follow to be had. So make sure you check them all out, and if you wanna leave your twitter name in the comments, feel free!


John Dickinson

Nick Campbell

Toolfarm aka Michele Yamazaki

Rob Birnholz

Reel Roulette

Digital Juice

Brad Zimmerman

Adobe After Effects

Andrew Kramer

Ryan Bollenbach

Kert Gartner

The Motion Exchange

Jorrit Schulte

Robert Redman

Rich Young

Brad Chmielewski

Justin McClure

Phil Strahl

Keyframe TV


Red Giant Software


Amateur Media

Motion Design Love

Carl Larsen

Michael Coleman

Shoaib Khan

Creative Cow

Eran Stern

Sébastien Périer

Satya Meka


Chad Perkins

Eric Alba

Peder Norrby

Pro Video Coalition

Aharon Rabinowitz

AE Tips

Adobe TV

Tim Clapham



Jerzy Drozda Jr.

Motion Graphics Exchange


Stu Maschwitz

Jim Geduldick


Harry Frank

Topher Welsh


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