Inspiration: Concrete Jungle

Modern cities have had a great influence on the human condition. Architecture can stir up certain human feelings and moods and it’s these moods that make it art. Nowadays the world is changing so rapidly, it’s reflected in urban landscapes. We often don’t notice our surroundings over the hustle and bustle of daily life. This collection of urban landscapes give us a chance to take a closer look at the concrete jungle we live in.

City Limits

by devouredex


by Aldy


by Larin-Nickolay

City of the Dreams

by bosetsu-chan

Inspirate Pages 06-07

by Laiin

City Smog

by aztrakhan

City Vector

by joshblalock

Lots Of Stuff

by Andy Council


by claudelle


author unknown

City Pattern

by patswerk

The City Art 7

by Skylow


by Larin-Nickolay

City Block

by velocitri

Venetia in my Mind…

by anyama

Big Tree

by RichardMarrIV

New York

by RichardMarrIV


by RichardMarrIV


by jongart

City Scene 2

by jongart

Calle Madero

by Pando1

Snowstorm in the City

by mmn22

San Francisco, California

by mmn22

City Brand

by Jawa-Tron


by schizophrenic-brain

City 110410

by M-a-c-h-a

Lots Of Stuff

by Andy Council

Vector City

by Taro

Vector City

by muzikman9090


by vektorscksprojekt

Kuala Lumpur City Centre

by Cheeweng

A City Evening

by starmandx

Globe City

by foozface


by ShiryuLover

Przedborz Postcard

by kjutenkadli

30’s City for my Bedroom

by mgolass

Bridge and City

by Kempo1987

Urban – But It’s Too Full

by armogeden

Body Building

by Eyemelt

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