Model, UV, and Texture a Mac-10 Submachine Gun, Day 2- CG Premium Tutorial

In the second part of this monstrous, 10 hour CG Premium tutorial series, available exclusively to Premium members, freelance CG artist, Ben Tate, will cover the UV mapping of his detailed Mac-10 submachine gun, using the innovative Headus UV layout and 3ds Max. This series is a must see for any artist that wants to level up their skills in high quality CG weapon creation! Can’t wait to get started, Become a Premium member, or learn more at the jump!

Learn the Secret to High-End CG Weapon Creation

Follow freelance CG artist, Ben Tate, as he demonstrates how to use a combination of 3ds Max traditional UVW Unwrap modifier, and Headus UV Layout’s innovative and intuitive UV tools, to quickly slice up his model, and lay each piece down with minimal distortion and in record time! Don’t have UV Layout or 3ds Max, not a problem. Throughout the entire process, the emphasis will be kept firmly on universally transferable UV mapping approaches and techniques, that can be easily be achieved using any 3d application that is capable of UV mapping.

CG Tuts textured machine gun

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