Interview With Bruno Borges

Bruno Borges has an extremely unique look to all of his illustrations; his portfolio is a barrage of color, retro imagery and a multitude of cool collages. This style comes from Bruno’s simplistic approach to design that we discuss in our interview, Bruno also gives some advice and insight into his art so please take a moment to review some of Bruno’s excellent work and insights.

Q Welcome to Psdtuts+, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field?

Hi, my name is Bruno, graphic designer and illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil. I started doing Graphic Design in 2003.

Q Most of your illustrations contain a lot of retro imagery that you blend with your own style of colorful shapes and patterns, what exactly led you to create and stick with this specific style of design?

My collage work is really soaked by that retro imagery. It’s only because I like the way it can be revisited, reviewed and then matched to some current elements. I try and tell a whole new history. This kind of approach may stand out from the other stuff you’ll see in my work, but I don’t really stick to a specific style.

Q How does Photoshop factor into your design process? Do you do all of your work in it? And how important of a program is it to you?

It’s an amazing tool. Most designers use it at some point in their workflow but it shouldn’t be the only tool that you use.

Q You also seem to focus a lot on typographic illustrations, is there a difference in the way you approach a typographic piece apposed to a regular illustration? And if so, then why?

Typography has the power of delivering a complete message: verbal and visual. I love this possibility, when a message can hit you right in your face before you can react, or just pick you up from the ground, throw you into outer space and let you think about it. So, this kind of effectiveness affects the way you choose what is going to be said. I think that’s the difference.

Q “Mensageiro Do Vento” is a very creative and unique tribal esque illustration you created. Please tell us a little about the creation of the piece and a little history behind it if it has any.

The intention with that one was to make a mystical composition, but using familiar elements, South American ones. So it somehow looks like those hippie wind chimes that we hang on our verandas, but made out of feathers, a parrot’s eye in the center, a Brazilian landscape, quartz crystals, leaves, branches. And a native above everything acting as the sentry of it all. I know, sounds too stoned but I love that one.

Q What was the most important lesson you have learned since you started designing that might help the newer designers.

Try to have fun even when the job is annoying.

Q Where do you plan to take your designing career in the future? And what do you hope to accomplish in the next couple of years?

Just keep on learning everyday.

Q Thanks again for providing Psdtuts+ with this opportunity to interview you. Any final thoughts for our readers?

Thank you : )


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