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Blaze is a professional premium portfolio WordPress theme. Its clean layout and unique design make it very readable and pleasant to look at. It comes with dozens of features and intuitive options. Blaze uses HTML5 and CSS3 as well as all the newest WordPress functions up to its newest version! It is easy to set up and well documented so you’ll have to put very little effort to make it work!

Version: 1.0
Documentation: Blaze WordPress Theme Documentation

6 Sliders (+3D Flash Slider)!

All the sliders are easy to customize in admin panel and there’s separate post type just for them! They are here to help you show your best works on front page! They come with 70+ transition effects!

  • jCycle Slider – it is able to work with images that have any dimensions but still it makes entire page structure work very well even on lower resolutions. It uses fade transition effect. The interesting thing about it is that it allows you to stick out of the main slider area!
  • Anything Slider – definitely one of the most useful sliders. It has five layouts including full width image, image to the left with content to the right, image to the right with content to the left, video to the left with content to the right, video to the right with content to the left which makes it very flexible and powerful!
  • Nivo Slider – very common slider that works with 1000×360px images in this case. It has multiple interesting transition effects!
  • Coin Slider – another interesting slider that works with 1000×360px images. It’s similar to Nivo Slider but its transition effects are different.
  • 3D Flash Slider (Piecemaker) – there’s Piecemaker included which is fancy 3D rotator that works with 1000×360px images in this case.
  • Accordion Slider – unique slider with image panels that are moving as you move your mouse cursor over it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO plays a very important role in Blaze. All the page titles, page descriptions and tags are optimized to give you the best possible results in search engines. It has valid HTML structure including correct usage of headings (h1, h2, h3…), lists, descriptions, order of elements which will make it rank high and attain you new clients!

960 Grid System

It is based on 960 Grid System which makes it very flexible and easy to use. Just take a look at our column examples and you’ll see that it gives you a lot possibilities!


It comes with 150+ custom fonts. It works with Cufon fonts (you can upload your own Cufon files generated on Cufon website), Google fonts and standard fonts! You can adjust font color, line height, font size and nearly all the CSS2 and CSS3 properties for fonts in admin panel!!! Furthermore, you can do that for ANY element of this theme using standard CSS selectors!

Contact Page

You can generate any contact form you like in admin panel. All the form fields are available including upload field, drop-downs, lists, text areas, CAPTCHA and more! Entire contact page is easy to customize using 960 grid system columns!

Sidebars and Footer

Footer is one of the most advanced parts of this theme. It is extremely flexible because you can easily make any columns layout using admin panel and then populate them with some widgets! There’s also place for copyright information and some custom code that should appear there (like Google Analytics code). There is unlimited number of sidebars and you can attach unique one for every post or page!


It has valid HTML5 structure and it was tested on all major browsers including IE 7 , IE 8, IE 9 , Chrome, Safari, Opera, FF 3 and FF 4 . Furthermore, it was successfully tested in WordPress debug mode with no arising errors! It is up to the newest WordPress standards and solutions!


It has very clean and readable blog to post your updates. There are three post layouts including:

  • Disabled thumbnails
  • Thumbnails to the left in any size
  • Full-width thumbnails with any height
  • Mixed thumbnails

There are also several widgets built-in including:

  • Related posts with thumbnails at the end of each post
  • Tags
  • Author box
  • It is easy to add social media icons using your favorite plugin


There are different portfolio pages with the same style but different layouts any functionality. You can create multiple portfolio pages and exclude some categories from them to make your portfolio perfect! :)

Other Features

  • Powerful Administration Panel
  • WP3 Menus Support
  • Portfolio post types
  • Text Logo (+ tagline)
  • Image Logo
  • 40+ custom easy to use Shortcodes
  • Localization support
  • Custom Twitter Updates Widget
  • Custom Flickr Images Widget
  • Threaded comments ready
  • Recent posts with thumbnails widget
  • Testimonials widget with jQuery admin panel
  • Extensive documentation + many videos on support forum
  • Automatic image resizing and/or cropping to any size

Important Notices and Updates

  1. It doesn’t come with image resizing script everywhere. In some places you’ll have to upload images in correct size or use WordPress resizing script (during upload).
  2. Automatic installation doesn’t import footer and sidebars. You will have to create them manually under Appearance > Widgets.
  3. It includes PSD file with layout and basic elements. Not all elements are included.
  4. It does not include HTML /CSS verison. Only WordPress version and PSD file are included.
  5. You’ll need some knowledge to create more advanced slideshow slides like these visible on front page. Photoshop templates are included.
  6. Blog and portfolio boxes on front page aren’t dynamic. This is static content that you can modify anyhow.

Terms and Conditions

Extremely important! Please read the following before purchasing!!!

  1. Please make sure that you are familiar with Envato Marketplaces rules including User Terms and Conditions, Licensing Terms, Refund Policy and Support Policy. These rules apply first.
  2. Please read description of this item very very carefully prior to purchase. Make sure that it works just the way you want it to work and that it contains everything you need. Also, take a close look at elements of this item that are especially important to you and make sure that they work fine. If you are not sure about something please ask me first before purchase. Also, ask me (before purchase) if I will be available to make certain changes for you if you need them.
  3. Please watch videos presenting how to set up or configure this item! Make sure that it is clear for you how does it work!
  4. Once you are 100% sure that this thing is exactly what you’re looking for you can safely get it.
  5. I want to make everyone satisfied so:
    • if you have any problems after purchase please visit support forums and create a new thread with your problem under certain category. Please make your thread as short as possible and provide us only key information. Please note that you will have to wait 1-3 (up to 7) days for our response. In case of custom modifications or complex problems it may take even longer. Please be prepared for that! Check our response times before purchase and make sure that you can afford that.
    • please rate this item 5 stars if it is exactly what description says and if it meets your requirements. If not please let us know how to improve it and then rate it. We don’t want you to rate it 1 star and throw it away! We want you to be happy with your choice so we’re going to help you with anything or improve it.

If you can’t agree to the terms and conditions above please don’t buy it and try to find some other similar item that is closer to your requirements. Thank you!

This theme was brought to you by Devatic.

Download Blaze – Premium Portfolio WordPress Theme (Portfolio)

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