America! Web 2.0 Mailing (Email Templates)


America! is a awesome designed Email Template. We’ve been really rocking this one since we got a new designer. Check out what you get:

In the package:

Just as usual, we really took care about our design and code. In fact, we have coded this Template as browser compatible as possible! Let’s sum up some of stuff what you’ll get:

• 14 Templates? Check
• Photoshop Files included? Check
• Future Proof? Check
• Commented Code? Check
• Browser Compatible? Check
• Web 2.0? Check
• Support? Check

Designer notes

• 660 pixels width
• Used guides to align elements
• Crafted on a Apple iMac
• Helvetica and Georgia used for the web fonts
• Used the font Lobster 1.4 for the Logo (free download on

Developer notes

• 660 pixels width
• HTML Validated
• Inline CSS
• Columns are stretchable
• Doesn’t matter how big your Header image is. It will stretch.
• Ribbon is stretchable. Can handle unlimited characters
• Coded on a Apple iMac, tested on Windows, Mac and iDevices such as the iPhones and iPads.
• Hotmail Hacks
• All are .jpg images


We love what we do and we do this 24/7. If you experience any issues or have no clue how it works, we’d like to help you out. We had have several emails and we always reply back with the fix or answer.

You can contact us by mailing to [email protected].

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Download America! Web 2.0 Mailing (Email Templates)

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