SocialShield Helps Protect Children On Social Networks

Child safety on the web is a significant concern for parents worldwide as kids flock to the internet for social networking, media consumption and more. SocialShield is one security option parents can turn on to protect children from predators online. The startup aims to give parents a web application to show a 360 degree view into what their kids are doing online as well as who their friends are on the main social networks.

SocialShield offers a number of features that target various security risks on social networks. “CyberBullying Promise” helps assist parents in identifying a cyberbully on a social network, and documenting the harassment.

“Friend verification technology” investigates a child’s friends on Facebook or MySpace and checks them against more than 50 Internet databases to see if parents should be concerned. Parents are also notified of any risky behaviors that could cause lasting damage to their child, such as posting inappropriate photos or content.

An Alerts Engine will find all accounts a child owns, including ones that parents may not know about, and examines all information and posts. Activity and Photo Engines documents every single posting their children make on all of the main social networks.

SocialShield’s technology, which costs $96 per year, is undoubtedly comprehensive. And the startup is backed by an impressive group of investors including Playdom founder Rick Thompson,comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni Offerpal CEO George Garrick, and Adify CEO Russell Fradin.

There’s no doubt that as the web becomes an integral part of children’s social interactions and even education, services like SocialShield and competitor SafetyWeb will become necessary for parents across the world.

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