On The Xbox 360 Kinect Experiment And The Future Of Motion Controls

Microsoft has been busy over the last year. It was during E3 2009 that Microsoft blew everyone away with what was then dubbed Project Natal. It promised to bring full body motion control to the 360. We’re getting our first real look at the system at E3 today after last night’s theatrical reveal and, well, it’s keeping that promise.

That’s not what’s surprising, though. Project Natal, now called Kinect, was demoed extensively over the last year and most of the media had a chance to play with the early demos. The real surprise today is that Kinect isn’t a Wii clone like it previously seemed. It’s something entirely different that doesn’t target just families or casual gamers. This thing is for real.

Update: Now with a pic of our hotel’s bathroom! You have to see this.

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