Tweet Off!: What TechCrunch Disrupt Looked Like On Twitter

After three full days, our first TechCrunch Disrupt conference is now over. By all metrics it was a big success — and that includes on Twitter. The #tcdisrupt hashtag was a Trending Topic in New York City (where the conference was) basically the entire time it was going on. And many of the individual startups that launched appeared on the list too at points. The Twitter and Facebook analytic company RowFeeder ran some numbers about the show — they’re pretty interesting. Below, find some of their data.

To get this info, they looked at both the hashtag “#TCdisrupt,” and the phrase “Techcrunch Disrupt.” The first chart below shows huge spikes during certain parts of the show. Obviously, Carol Bartz’s fireside swearing session got a lot of play, but so did the “Lean vs. Fat Startup” debate between VCs Fred Wilson and Ben Horowitz. The startup battlefields each day did well, as did the final competition.

As you might expect, the tweets dropped off after-hours, until late night after the parties ended when people may or may not have been drunk tweeting.

The second chart shows the tweet share among the five finalists for the TechCrunch Disrupt Cup. Interestingly, Soluto was also the winner in tweets, while runner-up UJAM was second in tweets. Certainly some of this is skewed by the fact that they were the winner and runner-up, but it would seem that according to Twitter, the top two were the ones that most interested the audience.

The total Disrupt related tweets according to Row Feeder? 21,054. Very impressive. Of course, that doesn’t count misspellings — and I know that a few times, even I wrote “#tcdistrupt” or something similar as I was rushing to be first to tweet about something.

Also interesting is where the tweets were coming from. Obviously, a huge percentage were in New York (again, where the conference was held), with the Bay Area coming in second, but Los Angeles and Boston had strong showings as well. The fact that so many people watched the live stream (more on that soon) of the event seems undoubtedly was the reason for the surges in these other cities.

Information provided by CrunchBase

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