NBA-Branded Headphones Slam-Dunk Style, Air-Ball Sound

Product: Mix Master Headphones

Manufacturer: Skullcandy

Wired Rating: 6

Skullcandy’s newest set of headphones allow you to put your favorite NBA team on your head, provided your squad of choice is the Lakers, Knicks, Celtics, Heat, Cavaliers or Bulls.

The NBA Mix Master DJ Headphones come in six different styles sporting each team’s signature colors and the jersey number of its best player: The Lakers model is festooned with Kobe’s number 24, Cavs get Lebron’s 23, natch. Memory-foam pillows line both the headband and the earpads for a snug, comfortable fit, and separate jacks allow you to connect a straight or coiled cable to the left or right side.

The ‘phones use passive noise cancellation to effectively dampen unwanted racket, while a one-touch on-ear mute button silences your jams and lets you hear what’s happening in the outside world. Unfortunately, when music is cranked at high volume, we heard slight hissing and muffled tunes. Bass? Let’s just say we’ve read hallmark cards with more impact.

The sound emitted from these pretty kids isn’t revolutionary, but you buy these for style. And exclusivity — there are only 100 pairs for each team. When you’re done mixing the latest beats or streaming the NBA playoffs on your computer, the Mix Masters fold comfortably into a padded travel pouch. Try getting your fave NBA baller to do that.

WIRED Connect the cord to whichever ear you fancy. High-gloss finish is quite the head-turner.

TIRED Look way better than they sound — audio quality isn’t stellar. Snug fit can feel a bit too tight after long use. What no Pistons? No Jazz!?

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