LowerMyBills And DailyStrength Founders Launch The DailyD To Round Up Group Deals

The group buying craze is now officially in overdrive. There are so many group buying sites—Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, SocialBuy—that it is hard to know where to go for the best deals. Enter the DailyD, a new site that just launched today which pulls together all the deals for a city in one site and sends out a daily email as well.

The founders of the DailyD are Matt Coffin and Doug Hirsch. Coffin previously founded LowerMyBills, which he sold to Experian for $330 million, and Hirsch started online support-group site DailyStrength, after being a product manager at Yahoo and Facebook (where he launched Facebook Photos). They are funding DailyD in Los Angeles with their own money.

DailyD already covers 53 cities, and it works on an affiliate model. Every time somebody follows a deal link from DailyD to one of the daily deal sites, DailyD gets an affiliate fee. DailyD is basically aggregating all the deals in one place and acting as a marketing channel. In addition to becoming a one-stop shop for social commerce, DailyD will also add on top its own set of personalization and other features.

“The daily deal space advertising is so pervasive that it reminds me of the mortgage ads of 2004 and 2005,” says Coffin. He wants the DailyD to be “positioned as the go-to service for consumers and consequently the #1 source of traffic for the deal sites (outside of facebook). I look at this whole category as ripe for experimentation and that’s what Doug Hirsch and I are going to do—and then we will layer intelligent advertising on top of that to drive a big audience.”

DailyD seeks to fill an organizing role in a highly fragmented market right now. Who ever thought so many people could become so excited over digital coupons? I guess everybody loves a good deal.

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