Our Executive Assistant Greg Gets A Surprise In-Office Haircut

Who says working for TechCrunch isn’t just about the best job ever, ever? Case in point: Bummed after losing to Causes’ Josh Persky in Zaarly’s ”Startup Haircut Contest” this week, our newly minted executive assistant Greg Barto was just going about his Friday business today, planning meetings and filing files, etc when he was surprised by Zaarly’s Shirley Hornstein with the haircut prize he thought he had lost.

Watch his priceless response here. “I love surprises … I thought I was going to win and when I lost I thought, ‘Now I need to find a place to go get a haircut.’”

The startup responsible for wacky contest, Zaarly, recently bagged $1 million in funding from Ashton Kutcher, Paul Bucheit, our own Michael Arrington and others.

Information provided by CrunchBase

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