Roll Your Own 3D Video For Under $300

Roll Your Own 3D Video For Under $300


You’ve gone out and seen Avatar and now your ready to summon your inner Cameron and shoot the next blockbuster 3D movie but you just can’t seem to come up with the millions of dollars needed to purchase the camera gear you would need, fear now more because you too can now create a super-duper 3D film for under $300 (how was my infomercial pitch there?).


Some great weekend hackers have put together a shopping list of materials needed to pull this off.

  • A couple Kodak Zx1 Digital Camcorders
  • L-Shaped bracket
  • Some nylon washers, wingnuts and screws
  • A basic tripod

I’m sure you could use other cameras and adjust the bracket to suit, but the concept is pretty simple. They have a full write up on how the pulled it off including all the editing that is needed to produce the stereo image. Check out the video after the break of some home made 3D footage.

tech.nocr.atRoll Your Own 3D Video For Under $300 originally appeared on on 2010/02/22.

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