Secret Knock Door Lock

Secret Knock Door Lock

Knock Sensor Layout

Forget about all of those fancy RFID and Biometric door lock systems, build yourself a high-tech secret door knock lock.

By using an Arduino and a few other parts that were laying around, Steve Hoefer built a device that unlocks the door when it detects a certain knock pattern on the door. It works by listening and counting the time between knocks, and you can re-program the unit by simply holding down a button. Check out the video after the break of the Secret Knock Door Lock in action.

I wouldn’t depend on this to keep my place safe. It would be real easy for someone to hang out around the corner and listen to the knock and then they would know how to get in. The guys over at Hackszine have the right idea; incorporate a system where as you can use a series of one time knocks or incorporate a timestamp.

[Link to Secret Knock Door Lock]

tech.nocr.atSecret Knock Door Lock originally appeared on on 2009/11/05.

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