Videogame Alarm Clocks

Videogame Alarm Clocks

SNES Alarm Clock

Every hardcore gammer should alway emerge him or herself with gaming at all times. Games on your phone, games on your PDA, games on your computer, games on your tv and even gaming to wake you up. The guys over at the TechEBlog have put together a pretty cool collection of “Alarm Clocks Made From Video Game Consoles”.

My personal favorite is the Xbox 360 with built in space for your kleenex. I sure hope whoever made that one picked up a dead system to build it with. If not, that can easily be classified as the most expensive alarm clock anyone person should own.

If you know of any other cool things made from video game consoles, let us know in the comments or in the forums

[Link to Alarm Clocks Made From Video Game Consoles]

tech.nocr.atVideogame Alarm Clocks originally appeared on on 2009/11/03.

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