HelloTXT Launches Fun Social Dashboard Apps For iOS, Android

HelloTXT, a product from mobile media and technology company Buongiorno, is just one of many mobile and Web applications one can use for updating various social networks from a single interface. It is, nevertheless, a smooth and mighty fine one.

The company has just announced a slew of improvements across all supported platforms, including for iPhone, iPad, Android and its Web app.

New features include in-line media viewing, which lets users see links, photo, videos and whatnot on supported networks without having to leave the feed view, and a new display for blogs and other online content via RSS. Social activities such as retweeting, liking and commenting have also been improved.

What makes HelloTXT worth a whirl in my opinion, is the Doodle feature, which lets you draw status updates and make fun of your Facebook friends (sorry Alexia), as well as the Suggestions feature, which gives you amusing suggestions for status updates whenever your mind goes blank.

Try it out and tell us what you think.

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