Agrobrite Lights 48″ Tube

Agrobrite Lights 48″ Tube

  • Color Temperature: 6400 degrees Kelvin
  • Initial Lumens: 2200
  • Ideal for seedlings, cuttings and low light plants like African violets
  • Sun-like light at a value price

Recommended for African Violets, orchids, flowering bulbs, vegetables and flowers, seedlings and cuttings, most herbs and more. Fits all standard features. 24″ is 20 watt (900 lumens). 48″ is 40 watt (2200 lumens). One year warranty.

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: $ 7.75

GE Ballast 74475 2 Lamp 120 to 277 Volt High Performance Electronic Ballast

  • Electronic ballast, Voltage to ground <600 Vrms, 50 to 60 Hz
  • For N-1 operation, insulate one blue lead to 600 Vrms
  • Install and ground per National Electrical Code
  • Rapid start, Minimum start temperature 0° F, Inherent thermal protection
  • Open circuit voltage 775 Vrms, Class P, outdoor type 1

Standard instant start ballast. 120V.

List Price: $ 34.99

Price: $ 25.66

Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! Reviews

Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!

  • Find hidden clues and use them together correctly to solve the case.
  • Replay fun mini-games in Aracade mode such as Digital Decrypter and Lock Pick
  • Earn points to unlock an alternate ending
  • Meet and interrogate suspicious suspects including a diva actress and wealthy financier
  • Explore 19 beautifully detailed locations for clues

From the creators of the #1 selling PC Adventure series, comes a new Mystery Hidden Object series – Nancy Drew Dossier. You, as Nancy Drew, are on the set of a controversial remake of the famous 1930’s film “Pharaoh!” The studio original movie released with an alternate ending due to the untimely death of Lois Manson, the film’s star, and became a box office smash. Now, Nancy Drew is undercover on the set to get to the bottom of suspicious press leaks and uncanny accidents that have the prod

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 3.54

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USB Office Fairy Lights

USB Office Fairy Lights

  • Fairy lights will turn your computer into the most attractive item in the office!
  • No software or batteries required.
  • Makes your work station more inviting!
  • Gentle but bright lights without frequency changes!
  • Illuminate your work space!

Fed up with your boring computer? Despair no more as we’ve designed these unique fairy lights to turn your computer into the most attractive item in the office!

It simply plugs into your computer USB port (Apple Mac or PC) and does not require software or batteries.

Great for teachers, co-workers, college students…

List Price: $ 12.99

Price: $ 12.50

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