Smak-Dab Cover Secure Clip for the Kindle DX/2/3

Smak-Dab Cover Secure Clip for the Kindle DX/2/3

  • Protects your Kindle and Amazon-branded cover from damage if attempt to open back cover is made. Enjoy your Kindle and cover without worry!
  • Helps to maintain electrical contact between hinge and Kindle on the new lighted covers
  • Secures all versions of the Kindle DX, 2 and 3 to Amazon-branded covers that utilize the spine hinge mechanism
  • Easy to install and remove. Just clip it and forget it! All Kindle buttons and ports remain accessible.
  • Stainless steel core maintains the clip’s grip while the fused thermoplastic polymer coating protects the Kindle and cover from marring

DON’T LET YOUR AMAZON-BRANDED COVER BREAK YOUR KINDLE! No matter how careful you are, accidentally opening the back cover may crack the device, break the screen, or damage the cover by placing pressure on the spine hinge and Kindle. *It may be a friend or grandchild who picks up the Kindle and doesn’t know which way to open it. *You’re distracted when you grab it and inadvertently open it the wrong way. *The Kindle slips off your chair and makes a perfect landing between the Kindle and the cover’s back jacket! *You repeatedly cram your Kindle with cover into a crowded backpack. *CRACK!*
The damage may not happen “all-at-once”. Often it occurs over time as a series of minor events with the stress weakening the plastic body of the Kindle or deforming the metal hinges of the cover. THE SMAK-DAB COVER SECURE CLIP (patent pending) is designed to secure the Kindle (DX, 2, or 3) to Amazon-branded covers which utilize the spine hinge (including the lighted cover). By firmly holding the back cover and the Kindle together, the cover secure clip keeps pressure off the spine hinge and the Kindle. No more accidental back cover openings and damaged Kindles and covers because of the spine hinge! Just clip it and forget it! FEATURES: The Smak-Dab Cover Secure has an exterior of non-marring thermoplastic polymer that protects the Kindle and the leather cover. Resilient stainless steel (encased in the polymer coating) maintains the clip’s grip. The clip is sized so it cannot intrude upon the screen. When the clip is in place, all buttons and ports remain accessible. The clip adds no significant weight or bulkiness to the Kindle and cover. Complementing the style of the Kindle, the Smak-Dab Cover Secure comes in Briquette (Black) to match any cover color. Only one clip is needed to secure your cover, and one clip is included per package. KEEP YOUR COVER SECURELY ATTACHED TO YOUR KINDLE WITH THE SMAK-DAB COVER SECURE CLIP! “The Clip” for the Kindle! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

List Price: $ 4.95

Price: $ 4.50

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