The Lion King (A Walt Disney Masterpiece) [VHS] Reviews

The Lion King (A Walt Disney Masterpiece) [VHS]

The Lion King, one of Disney’s masterpiece movies comes in plastic protective case. case and tape look and plays very good.Not an ideal choice for younger kids, this hip and violent animated feature from Disney was nevertheless a huge smash in theaters and on video, and it continues to enjoy life in an acclaimed Broadway production. The story finds a lion cub, son of a king, sent into exile after his father is sabotaged by a rivalrous uncle. The little hero finds his way into the “circle of life” with some new friends and eventually comes back to reclaim his proper place. Characters are very strong, vocal performances by the likes of Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane, and Whoopi Goldberg are terrific, the jokes are aimed as much (if not more) at adults than kids, the animation is sometimes breathtaking, and the music is more palatable than in many Disney features. But be cautious: this is too intense for the Rugrat crowd. –Tom Keogh Anybody who struts around with Simba’s hard-won authority deserves this royal DVD read-along from Disney. Kids can recoil at Uncle Scar’s dastardly deeds en español and discover that “hakuna matata” sounds pretty much the same in Spanish, French, Italian, or German. And should the dynamic storytelling fail to thrill your 4- to 12-year-old fan, a flurry of other interactive options await. Toggle to “Songs” for sing-along renditions of movie hits, including “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” and on to “Music Videos,” where Elton John roars soundtrack favorites “Circle of Life” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and Jimmy Cliff and Lebo M groove to “Hakuna Matata.” The “Vocabulary” feature allows for see-and-say mastery of a list of wildlife, while the “Game” section allows players to match paw and hoof prints to the proper beast and reassemble the scattered skeletal remains of an elephant. Original cast voices are featured, and grownups will be pleased by the package’s reading component. –Tammy La Gorce

List Price: $ 26.99

Price: $ 23.33

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Disney Handy Manny Bath Toy Play Set — 5-Pc.

Disney Handy Manny Bath Toy Play Set — 5-Pc.

Handy Manny’s here with all his tool friends to make bathtime work for your little Playhouse Disney fan. Our 5-Pc. Handy Manny Bath Toy Play Set will create a big splash at bathtime and the handy plastic carrying case makes it easy to bring these Handy Manny toys along to the playground or on a playdate, too. Imported. . 5-Pc. Set includes Squeeze, Stretch, Manny, Felipe & Turner and Dusty . Plastic . 3” H . 18+ mos. .    

List Price: $ 9.50

Price: $ 6.99

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Disney Epic Mickey

Disney Epic Mickey

  • Use paint and paint thinner to change the world, interact with friends and enemies and solve challenges
  • Choose the best path to become an epic hero because ?Playstyle Matters? and choices will change the outcome of the game
  • Explore and solve challenges in an alternate Disney world ruled by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt Disney’s first cartoon star
  • Travel between lands in Wasteland through classic platforming levels inspired by animated films and shorts
  • Experience an innovative mix of platforming, action-adventure and light role playing game elements

Disney Epic Mickey is an action-adventure platforming game for the Wii console that sends Mickey Mouse on an epic journey of creativity and discovery. As Mickey, the player is propelled into Wasteland, an alternate world made up of Disney’s forgotten creative efforts, and is given the power to wield paint and paint thinner to dynamically change the world while determining Mickey’s path to becoming an epic hero. Through the use of this unique paint and paint thinner, the key components of ani

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Price: Too low to display

Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel

  • Wii Wheel must be used with a Wii Remote (Remote not included)

Mario Kart with Wheel WiiDrivers, start your engines!Nintendo is bringing Mario and his friends with their finely tuned racing machines back and this time to the Nintendo Wii. With 3 different control styles and a Wii Wheel included in the box, Mario Kart Wii is bound to be the best in the series. The worldwide race is on with a whole new set of tricks, tracks, and ways to play! Place first in Grand Prix circuits or clear skill-based missions. Mario Kart Wii draws on courses and battle arenas fr

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Price: $ 39.88

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Dumbo (Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection) [VHS]

Dumbo (Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection) [VHS]

This is a GREAT movie ; will LOVEA Disney “classic” that actually is a classic, Dumbo should be part of your video collection whether or not you have children. The storytelling was never as lean as in Dumbo, the songs rarely as haunting (or just plain weird), the characters rarely so well defined. The film pits the “cold, cruel, heartless” world that can’t accept abnormality against a plucky, and mute, hero. Jumbo Jr. (Dumbo is a mean-spirited nickname) is ostracized from the circus pack shortly

List Price: $ 22.99

Price: $ 19.99

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Disney Princess Bathing Beauty 6 Pcs Gift Set (Mirror, Bath Foam, Lotion, Door Hanger, Comb, Shampoo) Reviews

Disney Princess Bathing Beauty 6 Pcs Gift Set (Mirror, Bath Foam, Lotion, Door Hanger, Comb, Shampoo)

  • Princess Bath Set
  • Includes:
  • Mirror, Bath Foam, Lotion
  • Door Hanger, Comb, Shampoo

Princess Bathing Beauty Gift Set. You’ll be as pretty as a Princess with this Royal bathing Beauty Set!! Included:Mirror, Bath Foam, Lotion, Door Hanger, Comb, Shampoo

Price: $ 12.69

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Disney Mickey Mouse Kids Bath Linens- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Childrens Hooded Towel

Disney Mickey Mouse Kids Bath Linens- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Childrens Hooded Towel

  • towel measures approx. 23″ x 51″
  • soft and warm, made from 100% cotton
  • ideal for bath, shower, pool, or the beach

Towel measures approximently 23 x 51 inches. Soft and warm, made from 100% cotton and ideal for bath, shower, pool or the beach.


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Huffy Disney Princess Girls’ Bike (Pink, 16-Inch Wheels)

Huffy Disney Princess Girls’ Bike (Pink, 16-Inch Wheels)

  • Steel curvey y-frame
  • Rear coaster brakes
  • Graphic Seat
  • Handlebar Pad w streamers
  • Training wheels

Since its establishment in 1892, Huffy has been known for its tradition of producing innovative and high quality bicycle products. Since that time millions of people around the globe have enjoyed the quality and value of a Huffy bicycle and Huffy has become one of America’s most recognized bicycle brands.A great choice for a little girl’s first bike, the Huffy Princess 16-inch bike for girls features a brightly decorated steel frame in magenta with princess decal decorations that’s complemented

List Price: $ 89.99

Price: $ 69.99

Kent Super Scooter (Blue/White)

  • Durable high tensile steel frame
  • Big, 12-inch inflatable tires offer a smooth and fast ride on any surface
  • Front and rear side pull brake allows for safe and easy stopping
  • Lightweight design, weighs only 18 pounds
  • Handlebar height maximum is 35.5 inches; length is 46.5 inches

Sturdy enough kids and parents alike, Kent’s Super Scooter offers hours of entertainment and fun rides around the park and neighborhood with no destination required. The scooter features 12-inch inflatable tires for a rugged and smooth ride that can handle a variety of surfaces. Equipped with real brakes–bicycle sidepulls, not just a difficult and awkward plate to step on and rub against the wheel–you can come to a complete stop quickly and easily when needed. Built like a bicycle, this sophis

List Price: $ 99.99

Price: $ 84.99

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