New Super Mario Bros. Reviews

New Super Mario Bros.

  • New moves. New Super Mario Bros. expands Mario’s arsenal of moves to include some very powerful advanced techniques. If you want to uncover every secret in the game, you’ll have to master them all.
  • Run, jump, and stomp your way through raging volcanoes, tropical islands, snowcapped peaks, and unimaginable challenges!
  • Grab a Mega Mushroom and grow to incredible proportions, or smash through your foes in a blue Koopa shell.
  • There are two multiplayer modes in New Super Mario Bros. — Mario vs. Luigi and Minigames. In Mario vs. Luigi mode, it’s brother vs. brother in a race for Stars.
  • New power ups. You’ll find classic power-ups like the Super Mushroom and the Fire Flower in the game, and there are some all-new power-ups that let Mario explore the Mushroom Kingdom like never before.


FEATURES- New Super Mario Bros DS
It is been more than 20 years since Super Mario Bros. first
arrived and now Mario and Luigi are back in an all-new platformer
for Nintendo DS. Boasting incredible 3D graphics to accompany
classic 2D gameplay this fast-paced adventure will have Mario
fans cheering as they make their way over fields under water
through castles and into the ai

List Price: $ 34.99

Price: $ 28.50

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