How do I remove render blocking CSS in WordPress by its link tag id?

We have a WordPress website that uses Divi theme and Litespeed cache plugin. I checked our website on google pagespeed insights and it says that there is a render-blocking css.

According to pagespeed the url(example url) below is render-blocking

<link data-optimized="1" rel="stylesheet" id="divi-dynamic-css" href="" type="text/css" media="all">

Problem: Is there a way I can create a WordPress hook/function to defer/load asynchronously the CSS file via the id property of the <link id="divi-dynamic-css"> tag? In addition, 0ez9a02P748a67191h2be0c2d4f1cb is a dynamic file name generated by Litespeed cache.

I need WordPress hooks/filters for this since the <link id="divi-dynamic-css"> tag is displayed by Divi or WordPress and not by me. In other words, I cannot manually add or remove <link id="divi-dynamic-css">.

For example:

add_action('style_loader_tag', 'make_css_async');
function make_css_async() {
  $html = <link rel='stylesheet' id='divi-dynamic-css'  href='wp-content/litespeed/css/0ez9a02P748a67191h2be0c2d4f1cb.css?ver=7f0f3' media="all" onload="'all'" />

  return $html;

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!