Apology over England flags chop

Doreen Carnelley and friends

A council leader is to say sorry to a pensioner after England flags she strung across a street were cut down.

Doreen Carnelley, 74, said she had put the full-sized flags across Sturgeon Avenue, Nottingham, to mark the World Cup.

The city council cut the rope and left the flags on her hedge. Officers said it was illegal to attach items to street lights and complaints were made.

Now council leader Jon Collins has said it was an "error of judgement".

‘Complete nonsense’

Mrs Carnelley said she was shocked to find the flags "chucked on my hedge" and wanted to put them back up.

At the time, the council said the flags were a health and safety hazard and could be dangerous to motorists.

But now Mr Collins has said they will be put back up and promised to visit Mrs Carnelley to apologise in person later.

He said: "This is a complete nonsense.

"The guys are going to go back and put the flags back up.

"It’s an error in judgement and we want to put it right."

Mrs Carnelley claimed she had flown the flags across Nottingham during the last six World Cups and European football finals.

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